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Learn how digital marketing is now the stethoscope to listen and reach your current y new patients in Latins in Latin America.

With 70% of patients researching online before scheduling an appointment and 40% consulting their symptoms onlineit is essential for any healthcare professional to be present in the digital world.

This conversation is your opportunity to learn more about the Health Tech industry in Latin America, connect with other healthcare professionals and discover new business opportunities. business opportunities.

We will talk about:

  • Economic trends of the healthcare & healthtech market in Latin America.
  • Digital marketing digital marketing for healthcare & healthtech
  • What do are searching for and consuming in digital patients in Latin America?
  • Consumption and creation of digital content by medical specialists in the region

If you are a healthcare professional, an entrepreneur, or simply someone interested in the future of healthcare, this conversation is for you. 

Register now and get ready for a more innovative and efficient healthcare future!



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