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Story of the business of life

When one is in a very deep crisis one forgets that the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Hugo, a well-known businessman in the world of construction and the metal-mechanic industry and a friend of RUBICA, remembers how a personal crisis brought him to a breaking point of no return that made him re-signify the meaning of his life, his personal purpose and the relationship with his wife and family.

Hugo Zuluaga | General Manager | Metaza


#Related to Resistance

In the middle of #Covid19 and #Global Quarantine, we decided to invite clients, partners and team to remember difficult situations they have had to go through and how they managed to overcome them, leaving them with great lessons...
Changes are challenges that open doors to new opportunities!

Let's look at these times as the opportunity to open new doors and take away only good learning. We will soon get through these difficult days.


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    May 19, 2020

    What a beautiful message, and it's true when it's darkest, it's when it's most dawning. The balance between work and personal life becomes complicated to manage, but not impossible and you prove it

  • reply
    May 19, 2020

    Thank you for reminding us of the importance of having a balanced life. You need to keep this in mind, especially at this time.

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